Ashland Park

Lexington's Historic Gem
Ashland Park is a historic and upscale neighborhood located in Lexington, Kentucky. The neighborhood has a well-preserved historic character including architectural styles such as Colonial Revival, Georgian, and Tudor Revival that were built in the early to mid-20th century. Its prime location near downtown and University of Kentucky campus is perfect for those who want a combination of historic charm and proximity to the city center. There's a neighborhood association that plays a role in maintaining the character of the area and organizing community activities. Ashland Park and Henry Clay Park are large parks for green spaces and are great for outdoor activities. It is more of a residential area however it is near several restaurants and bars. The neighborhood is named after Ashland, the historic home of Henry Clay, a prominent American statesman. The Ashland estate is a historic landmark and museum that residents and visitors can explore. The real estate market in Ashland Park tends to be on the higher end, given the historic and upscale nature of the area.
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