Coral Gables

The City Beautiful
Near Miami lies the city of Coral Gables. Nicknamed “The City Beautiful”, the neighborhood has many gorgeous trees, historical landmarks, and mansions of some household-name celebrities. Historical landmarks within the city of Coral Gables include the Venetian Pool and the Biltmore Hotel. Both of these landmarks were built all the way back in the 1920s. The University of Miami also calls Coral Gables home. This makes it an obvious choice for students looking for the best commute to their classes. With plenty of hotspots and social hubs to visit in town, Coral Gables feels like a great place to live.

Restaurants and bars are highly rated and numerous in the city of Coral Gables. Restaurants in the area include Hillstone, La Taberna Giralda, The Seven Dials, Green Gables Cafe, and Pei Wei. Bars in the area include Open Stage Club, The Bar, Copper 29 Bar, and Cibo Wine Bar. Coral Gables is a great place for young students looking to live somewhere nice while also being close enough to the University of Miami.
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