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Give Me Liberty!
Church Hill is most famously known as the town where Patrick Henry gave his “Give Me Liberty” speech, making this special neighborhood a historic landmark in American history. Church Hill has a cute feel to it with many outdoor restaurants, Italian cafes, and BBQ spots sitting on the streets. Chimborazo Park sees a lot of activity on days when the weather is nice and people go out on walks. The park has a miniature Statue of Liberty and the Richmond National Battlefield. Jefferson Park is another park in the neighborhood that many of the Church Hill residents love to visit.

Church Hill benefits from having countless spots to choose from when getting some grub or drinks with friends. Many of the surrounding areas scattered throughout town have high ratings and recommendations from locals. Restaurants that are worth a visit include Bookbinder's Seafood & Steakhouse, Millie's Diner, Nota Bene, Bottoms Up Pizza, and Citizen. Bars in the area include Poe's Pub, Wonderland, Old City Bar, Belle, and Penny Lane Pub. Church Hill is a historic neighborhood with plenty of delightful destinations in its vicinity to enjoy.
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Church Hill is great! It's about ~15 minutes from campus if you take the expressway. It's got a very "neighborhood" vibe to it and everyone is looking out for everyone else. There are a few great parks with lovely views, coffee shops, bars, restaurants. It's like it's own little city up here!
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