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Well managed, well designed property

10 management rating Reviewed by on

Property is clean and well managed, experience very in line with tours and marketing, management is generally proactive, friendly and professional. Excellent options for dedicated internet! Centrally managed utility rates are excellent (Property manages all utilities, sends one consolidated bill). Excellent storage locker options, fit and finish of actual units, fixtures, appliances is very high. Security is well done and appropriate for the area, though apartment is in a city and residents should still be vigilant for this reason, and thefts can occur despite almost all internal doors between zones and the elevator requiring keys. Great for UMN students and Augsburg as property is basically adjacent to Augsburg and UMN hospital on west bank.

 / Minneapolis-Saint Paul  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Expensive, but quiet and inviting

8 management rating Reviewed by on

So far I have really enjoyed my experience with Luna. The building is only a year old, so everything is very nice and well-kept. The management is kind but not overbearing and responds quickly to maintenance requests. There are a few noisy neighbors, but most are very quiet and respectful. I will note that Luna also rents out some of their rooms as a hotel service and some of those guests are obnoxious, but they don't tend to stay on the same floor as long-term residents.

The units themselves are small (in terms of square footage), but include tons of storage space, a huge kitchen, and big windows that make the place feel larger. Plus, they have laundry in-unit which saves me a lot of time and energy.

It's also close enough to the law school that I walk to class without much of an issue. It's about a 3/4 of a mile walk to the school, but there is a bus line that can be used to shorten that walk a bit. Even in the cold, it hasn't been too treacherous.

The building itself requires a key fob to get into the building, to use the elevators, and to get into your individual unit as well as a garage door opener for the heated garages. Although, there have been break ins to cars in the garage, so be aware of what you leave in your car if you have one.

They tend to have discounts for signing a lease, so contact the leasing office to see what their current deals are. Overall I highly recommend!

 / Minneapolis-Saint Paul  / 1 bed, 1 bath