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Spacious studio in quiet neighborhood

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This apartment's greatest asset is its spaciousness; the main living space has ample room for a full size bed (could probably even fit a bigger bed here), a small living room-type area, and a desk. Has a walk-in closet as well as an additional small room/large closet space that can be used for storage or a separate office. Kitchen is large with a gas stove, refrigerator, space for a small dining table, and a pantry. Bathroom is pretty small (knees bump against sink - could be a problem for tall people) but has a tub if you like baths. The in-building Internet is really not that great, so I have my own connection. The elevator in this building is pretty janky, but it's kinda nice to have since the unit is on the 4th floor. Near Baltimore Ave, so easy access to a bunch of small shops and great restaurants. In-building laundry, but I prefer to use the laundromat across the street.

4748 Pine Street
 / Philadelphia  / Studio, 1 bath