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  • Conveniently located next to public transit, school, and retail options.

What could be better

  • Amenities could use a slight upgrade.

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Dimension-nice modern apt

9 management rating Reviewed by on

Modern, has a small gym, parking available for $200/month, 20-30 minute drive to campus, 45 minutes on public transit. Management is helpful and on top of service requests. Three security points: main entrance, elevator, and front door. Rental Agreement heavily favors landlord. Has heating but no AC.

 / Seattle  / 1 bed, 1 bath

another dimension

8 management rating Reviewed by on

THiS place feels like living in another dimension. It is seriously the nicest place I have ever lived in, but then again I didn't have the nicest of places before. I am so glad I live here for the bus access and walkability. I could do without the neighbors, but we reached an agreement recently so its all good!

 / Seattle  / Studio, 2 baths

The Dimension is EXTREMELY underwhelming

1 management rating Reviewed by on

The leasing office is TERRIBLE to work with. They are extremely grumpy and unfriendly. If you need anything fixed in your apartment, they will take their time meeting your needs. They are not transparent with residents. It's disappointing to say the least. When you pay so much a month for a "great" luxury apartment building to live in, you expect the amenities to be functioning. The grills on the roof are always broken. Common spaces are never clean. The hallways leading you to the apartment are always dirty. Parking is $250/mo. when other competitive buildings in the area charge a max of $175. The floors ARE NOT secure. The elevators are always broken and people have free range to walk on every floor, even if they don't live in the building. The gym is very small and cramped and the equipment is always breaking. After a year, we will not be renewing our lease at the dimension. We are going to take our hard earned dollars elsewhere.

 / Seattle  / 1 bed, 1 bath

An okay space to live

4 management rating Reviewed by on

Nine and Pine is great because it's perfectly located in Downtown Seattle. However, there are very little amenities and the rent is still high. After a year of being here, I won't be re-leasing.

Nine and Pine Apartments
 / Seattle  / 1 bed, 1 bath