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Great value, great landlord, but a little inconvenient

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This apartment is an independently owned condo in a building with some units that are rented and some that are owned. It's nothing fancy, but it covers our basic needs. The kitchen is small, but workable, and the bedrooms are spacious compared to some of those I've seen in the area. I wanted to keep my car, so it's nice to have free off-street parking (with one covered spot that my roommate and I trade off). The neighborhood is a combination of commercial and residential, with a number of restaurants and stores within walking distance. The commute is very convenient from 6am until about 7:30pm. It's a mile + walk to the nearest Metro, but there is a bus stop immediately across the street with a regular bus that goes to Rosslyn, and a rush hour bus that goes directly to Foggy Bottom in the morning and returns to Arlington in the evening. During off times, the commute can be more of a hassle, as the bus runs less frequently and doesn't always correspond to the Metro. If your heart is in DC nightlife, this may not be your place, but if you're looking for an inexpensive place in a safe and quiet neighborhood, it's pretty ideal. It also has the benefit of being owned by the greatest landlord I've ever had.

Lorcom House
 / Washington DC  / 2 beds, 1 bath