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What's great

  • Fantastic common areas that foster community relations.
  • Management is very responsive to any complaints filed.
  • Conveniently located near public transit and retail options.

What could be better

  • Few security issues including stolen bikes.

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Slate Apartment in Interbay

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Nestled between Queen Anne and Magnolia, Slate Apartments in Interbay is located in the thoroughfare between the University District, Ballard and downtown with bus lines running frequently.

There are great community spaces available for all, but that doesn't seem to make the neighbors buddy-buddy, we're a pretty quiet group of co-habitators.

There have been a few issues with security (bikes being stolen, the security guards slacking off), but the management has been very good about dealing with those problems quickly.

I believe all units (including our 500sq ft studio) have W&Ds, and are available to paint (have to paint back to white at the end of your lease), which makes it feel like much more of a home.

Pets are allowed (only a deposit, no pet rent), and almost everyone takes advantage of it...there is also a downside to this - it frequently smells like a pet shop and there is hair everywhere.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this spot!

Slate Apartments
 / Seattle  / Studio, 1 bath