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Friendly Neighbors, Inept Property Managers

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The place is nice becuase it is on a bus route that connects to the el train. It's about a 40 min commute by public trans to center city. Our current apartment unit was certainly redone and they are redoing a lot of other units as people are evicted or move. There is also a park right behind the apartment and located in a great neighborhood. They also allow pets. While the place is not bad it is apparent their remodel is slapping lipstick on apig. The place is old and needs some major underlying fixes.

The biggest complaint we have is that the property manager and staff are completely inconpetent, non communicative, and reguarly lie about when things will get complete. They have one maintenance person who has changed twice during our 5 month stay here. We have lived with a broken window since we moved in in July. We even resorted to calling a lawyer. Yet the window is still not fixed. The staff have lied to us several times about when this will be replaced. We have also lived without one of our bathrooms for almost three weeks because it was leaking to the lower floors. I wouldn't mind the issues so much if the staff did not regularly lie to us about when it will get fixed.

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