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Low-Rise Apartment
Washington Heights, 2 Ellwood St | New York

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  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Doorman Building
  •  Elevators
  •  Fitness Center
  •  Granite Countertops
  •  Hardwood Floors
  •  Laundry
  •  Parking Available
  •  Pet Friendly
  •  Rooftop Deck
  •  Stainless Steel Appliances

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About this Location

Limited nearby
public transit
In a quiet
Highbridge Park
5 min walk
Lots of bars and
restaurants nearby


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    •  Elevators
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    •  Rooftop Deck
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    •  Microwave
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    •  Stove & Oven
  • Living Room

    •  Air Conditioning
    •  Hardwood Floors
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The Neighborhood

Signature Spots

dining 33 Recs

Pizza Palace
Beans and Vines
Bodega Pizza
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grocery 1 Rec

C-Town Supermarket
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convenience 2 Recs

CVS Pharmacy
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fitness 11 Recs

MPowering Fitness
PRX 14
Lucille Roberts
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parks 6 Recs

Fort Tryon Park
Fort Tryon Park Dog Run
Isham Park
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coffee 9 Recs

Dunkin’ Donuts Baskin Robbins
Betel Party Supply
Kenny Bakery
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About Washington Heights

Way up north in NYC lies Washington Heights, a less-dense neighborhood with a diverse mix of local flavors. There are Irish pubs, including the popular and authentic Le Cheile or Coogan's, extraordinary Dominican street cuisine, and Mexican and Ecuadorian restaurants. It is also home to one of the b...
The Cloisters
Out of the Way
Dyckman Street
Fort Tyron Park
Dominican Cuisine
Easy Transportation
Median rents in Washington Heights
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

Getting around Washington Heights

Parking Near 2 Ellwood Street

No parking is available at 2 Ellwood Street, but there is parking nearby.
Parking rates are for informational purposes only and may vary — for most up to date pricing, please reach out to the garage directly.

Washington Heights Reviews

4 reviews
Great neighborhood for young people and families. Lots of parks near by. Dyckman street has some of the best restaurants and bars. Easy to transportation to most of Manhattan. It might seem counterintuitive, but because of the express train it is quicker to get to school than a lot of neighborhoods more downtown.
There's a reason it's much cheaper to live here, which is that it takes forever to get to midtown. But if you're willing to deal with a 30 minute subway ride once in a while, it's a great quiet area.
Inwood is a great neighborhood, if you live in the right place. If you don't mind noise, you'll be fine anywhere! But I prefer it to be a bit quieter. If you're like me, you'll want to live at Broadway or even further west. Anything east of Broadway is going to be pretty noisy. There is lots of activity in the neighborhood, so I always feel safe walking at night. The express A train is very nearby, and the 1 is not a far walk, either. The 1 train and the bus that runs up Broadway will take you directly to the Target shopping center in the Bronx where you'll find a Starbucks, Applebees, and Marshalls! There are grocery stores in the Dyckman/Broadway area, as well as Starbucks and several other cute restaurants.
Good location - super close to the A to NYU, as well as the 1 train. The apartments in the area are mostly kind of old, and not renovated (though you can find really nice renovated ones in the area), many buildings without elevators, but this is one of the cheapest areas of Manhattan.
Life actually happens in this neighborhood. It's residential. The neighborhood has a diverse set of occupants - many Jews (and synagogues), Puerto Ricans, a gay community (mostly married couples but not only), as well as people from all different walks of life. My landlord is great, but different landlords in the neighborhood are different. West Washington Heights/Hudson Heights is more expensive than East, but East is also less nice to live in.

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