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Low-Rise Apartment
Harlem, 76 St Nicholas Pl | New York

Top Amenities

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  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Doorman Building
  •  Elevators
  •  Fitness Center
  •  Granite Countertops
  •  Hardwood Floors
  •  Laundry
  •  Parking Available
  •  Pet Friendly
  •  Stainless Steel Appliances

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About this Location

8 min walk
Highbridge Park
3 min walk
C (metro) - 4 min
B/D (metro) - 10 min
Lots of bars and
restaurants nearby


  • Building Related

    •  Elevators
  • Kitchen

    •  Dishwasher
    •  Microwave
    •  Refrigerator
    •  Stove & Oven
  • Living Room

    •  Air Conditioning
    •  Hardwood Floors

The Neighborhood

Signature Spots

dining 22 Recs

Mama-Ks Soup & Salad
Bono Trattoria
Savory Deli
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grocery 2 Recs

Super Foodtown
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convenience 1 Rec

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fitness 16 Recs

Brahman Yoga
GS Fitness Bootcamp
Planet Fitness
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parks 11 Recs

Highbridge Park
Jackie Robinson Park
Rucker Park
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coffee 16 Recs

Sugar Hill Cafe
Tsion Cafe & Bakery
The Chipped Cup
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About Harlem

Harlem's strong sense of community comes from the shared love of music, food, and culture among its residents. It has a rich history as the birthplace for the Harlem Renaissance, where African-American artwork thrived, which led to a subsequent inflow of African-American businesses. Now, the more ge...
Soul Food
Live Music
Local Pride
125th Street
Cheaper Rents
Cultural Enclave
Median rents in Harlem
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

Getting around Harlem

Parking Near 76 Saint Nicholas Place

No parking is available at 76 Saint Nicholas Place, but there is parking nearby.
Parking rates are for informational purposes only and may vary — for most up to date pricing, please reach out to the garage directly.

Harlem Reviews

7 reviews
Close to B, C, and 2, 3 trains. Fairly close to the A and D train as well. Lots of bus lines as well. Difficult to get to Queens or Brooklyn. Easy to get anywhere in Manhattan (TriBeCa is about a 30 minute train ride or less). Great location if you're working in the Bronx. Not a ton of restaurants and bars in close walking distance (10 minutes or less) but more options if you're willing to walk a bit farther (about 20 minutes) or get on subway/bus. Safety is a bit of a concern very late at night (11 and on) if you're by yourself.
- Not close to campus
- New restaurants popping up
- Not a great grocery option yet (though WF moving in soon)
- Cheap rents for nicer apartments
Definitely up and coming, but a lot of potential. It is also much safer than it was a few years ago and seems to be continuing that trend.
Harlem is a lovely neighborhood. There’s plenty to do, whatever you’re looking for, and it feels like real people live here. Downtown often feels like it’s all tourists and students, but Harlem really feels like a community.
I lived on 116th and St. Nicholas. It's a scruffy neighborhood with colorful characters scattered about, but in general it's clean, friendly and beautiful. Great historical character combined with fairly priced chic and trendy dining make Harlem, south-central Harlem to be specific, a wonderful place to spend a few years. I would gladly raise my kids up there.
Up and coming, with lots of new coffee shops and bars, though still block-by-block in terms of safety.
No nearby grocery stores, a lot of trash, not safe area, mice

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