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Broadview is a suburban neighborhood located in Cook County, Illinois, just west of Chicago. Broadview is a car-dependent neighborhood, with a focus on suburban living. While there are sidewalks and some amenities within walking distance, most residents rely on personal vehicles for daily errands and transportation. The neighborhood is situated near major highways, including Interstate 290 and Interstate 294, providing easy access to other parts of the Chicago metropolitan area. Broadview provides a range of amenities suitable for families, including parks, playgrounds, and community centers.

Broadview offers a more relaxed nightlife and entertainment scene compared to the nearby city of Chicago. While the neighborhood has some local restaurants and bars, residents often venture into Chicago or neighboring suburbs for a wider variety of dining and entertainment options. Housing in Broadview consists primarily of single-family homes, with a mix of architectural styles and sizes. The neighborhood features well-maintained residential properties, including both older homes and newer constructions. While it offers a more relaxed nightlife and entertainment scene, residents can easily access the vibrant city of Chicago for a wider array of amenities and activities.
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