Mission Hill

Known for its Brick Rowhouses and Triple-Decker Homes
Mission Hill is an urban neighborhood with a mix of residential and commercial spaces. It offers a lively and dynamic atmosphere, combining the charm of a residential area with the energy of city living. The neighborhood showcases a diverse architectural mix, with a combination of historic brownstones, multi-family houses, and newer apartment complexes.

While Mission Hill is primarily known as a student-centric neighborhood, it also appeals to families seeking an urban lifestyle. The neighborhood offers a range of family-friendly amenities, including parks, playgrounds, and community centers. With several MBTA bus routes and the Roxbury Crossing station on the Orange Line allows for easy connectivity to downtown Boston and other parts of the city.

Mission Hill offers a variety of local bars, pubs, and restaurants, creating a lively atmosphere for residents and visitors. Housing options in Mission Hill vary, with a mix of rental apartments, student housing, and owner-occupied properties. The neighborhood's real estate market reflects its urban nature, with a range of housing sizes and styles available. Mission Hill provides a lively and convenient living experience for residents seeking a community-oriented and well-connected place to call home.
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Mission Hill — 8/10 Rating (based on 3 neighborhood reviews)
In Mission Hill there is an abundance of student housing and student from numerous local colleges live on the Hill. With this, there are definitely areas in the neighborhood that potentially have noise issues or are more "college" than the area I have lived in. In my experience the only noise is the cars passing on the street and sirens which is to be expected given how close we are to so many hospitals. In the evenings on Friday and Saturday there are areas more towards the bottom of the hill that are louder due to the parties taking place but I have never experienced this type of noise when in my apartment. I feel very safe walking around in the neighborhood and enjoyed my time in the area. There are a few parks on the hill that are good spots to do some work outside, read, or play spike ball with some friends when the weather is nice.
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179 Calumet 3 bed/1bath
Not as convenient/walkable as my previous neighborhood (the south end). But I like the residential feel. A little too young though with all the undergrad universities in close proximity.
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Neighborhood Rating
Longwood Terrace
Lots of students, close to transit, close to grocery store, feels safe
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Wensley Street

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1 Bed $3,759
2 Beds $3,833

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1 Bed $1,700
2 Beds $2,200
3 Beds $2,850

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Studio $2,440
1 Bed $3,085
2 Beds $4,100

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3 Beds $1,175

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Studio $2,859
1 Bed $3,932
2 Beds $4,583

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