Best Neighborhoods in Syracuse

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2 Bedroom
At VeryApt we've created guides to help give you a sense of the different neighborhoods that Syracuse has to offer. Each of our guides is the product of our own research and renter reviews from our platform. If you're overwhelmed with choices, a good place to start is our apartment finder!
Discover the beauty of living in Syracuse, an alluring city in Central New York well-known for its captivating four-seasons and vibrant community. The area offers excellent education, a robust restaurant and dining scene, an array of shopping options nearby, and is well-served by public transportation. Syracuse, is hidden gem in the heart of the Empire State, offering a balanced blend of suburban tranquility and urban excitement, providing an excellent quality of life.

Where to Live in Syracuse

Downtown Heartbeat of the City
Hawley-Green Historic Art Community
Lakefront Waterfront Views with Urban Conveniences
Outer Comstock Syracuse's Suburban Gem
Southside Well-Connected Residential Neighborhood
University Hill Education Hub - Home to Syracuse University
Westcott A Quaint Community