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  • Very helpful management
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Twelve12 Review

8 management rating Reviewed by on

Twelve12 is a modern apartment in a great location!

 / Washington DC  / 1 bed, 1 bath


10 management rating Reviewed by on

I enjoy living where I live. It's not too far from Rittenhouse, but it's also quiet and removed enough to feel like it is in its own space. I also enjoy living near Logan Square.

The Lofts at 1835 Arch Street
 / Philadelphia  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Great Apartment...but expensive

10 management rating Reviewed by on

This apartment is MAGICAL - especially the 1 bedroom lofts, but it is expensive

The Lofts at 1835 Arch Street
 / Philadelphia  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Like It Here

8 management rating Reviewed by on

Very enjoyable space in historical building

The Drake
 / Philadelphia  / 1 bed, 1 bath

The Lofts at 1835 Arch Street Review

8 management rating Reviewed by on

Great location with lots of space

The Lofts at 1835 Arch Street
 / Philadelphia  / 2 beds, 2 baths

awesome spot

1 management rating Reviewed by on

I love the building, our unit, and the amenities. The location is great and there’s lots of nice restaurants and places in the neighborhood as well as a grocery store right across the street. However, management has not been good and we have had lots of issues with them. Aside from dealing with the issues with management, living at Arris has been amazing!

 / Washington DC  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great if you want to be a little farther from Rittenhouse!

10 management rating Reviewed by on

Awesome space and management. Not that many Wharton students in the building. No common space for social events within building.

The Lofts at 1835 Arch Street
 / Philadelphia  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great spot with great amenities

8 management rating Reviewed by on

Renting was a last-minute decision for me. I moved here from charlotte, NC for a job, and it was very spurr-of-the-moment. I was lucky enough to find this spot in the middle of South Loop, Chicago and I could not be happier. The location is convenient, the apartment looks great on the inside and I have a fantastic lake view.

 / Chicago  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great for the price

10 management rating Reviewed by on

I really like sky55. It’s got amazing amentities and honestly it’s a great value for your dollar. I tried finding other apartments nearby but they were all out of my price range or did not offer anything he convenience of a nearby grocery store and transit station.

 / Chicago  / 2 beds, 1 bath

Pavilion Apartment- Overall good place

4 management rating Reviewed by on

It has been almost an year since I lived here. Great Service available on site. Usually takes more than 3 days for maintenance service to go through. Place smells unpleasant many times but overall it is good place to live in at a relatively cheap price

The Pavilion
 / Chicago  / Studio, 1 bath

I Should be Studying Right Now, but I'd Rather Not

3 management rating Reviewed by on

-Great front desk staff
-Cool rooftop
-Good food everywhere
-Close to metro and Nats stadium
-My pup, not named pup, likes the neighbor dogs
-A few instances of police having to be called (not sure why)
-Bad communication with leasing office (almost ended up not being able to finalize the lease three days before it was supposed to start -- and three weeks since being prepared to sign)
-Bad parking (gates frequently don't work, and cost $250/month)
-Bad price for the small size
-Cheap appliances (dishwasher unplugs itself, washer/dryer don't respond to touch screen, and some outlets don't accept some plugs)
-Frequent photo shoots (for the advertisements they like to send to us)
-Neighbors have been known to bathe in milk

-Overall: This apt. only worked because they gave the first month free, otherwise, it has not been ideal. I look forward to moving to a larger apartment in a few months to save about $850/month moving from a studio to a 1 bedroom.

 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

Very good value for money

7 management rating Reviewed by on

You get an apartment in a doorman building with good management at a discount to your friends living on Rittenhouse Square.

The Drake
 / Philadelphia  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Cheap for a doorman building

5 management rating Reviewed by on

The Drake is a decent building, relatively cheap for a doorman building.
-Doormen are really nice
-Doormen, elevator, low rent
-Rooms are decently sized
-Large kitchen area with a lot of counter/bar space
-Close to bus stops and Indego station

-No in-unit laundry (laundry costs 2.25 per load and is cash only, but only up to 20 dollar bills)
-Some issues with electricity (lots of small outages, had one really big outage that lasted 3 hours and was not planned)
-Maintenance is not good (first day I moved in, the ceiling in my bathroom started leaking urine from upstairs - took them a long time to fix. Also, heat is not strong and there are a lot of cold leaky spots from the air conditioner/crevices in the floor, etc.)
-Some windows are broken (but they are double insulated)
-4 elevators, 2 on each side of the building. Be sure to call and book an elevator for move in/move out well ahead of time, since they use up one of these 4 elevators (there's no freight elevator). These elevators are kind of slow and you don't know where they are on when you are waiting for them on your floor.
-The kitchen sink is tiny
-Living room kind of small
-One bathroom is small, the other is big (but the small one belongs to the bigger bedroom)
-The kitchen cabinets are not well cleaned before move in
-They charge water by the building
-Far from campus and all the other Wharton students if you go to Wharton

The Drake
 / Philadelphia  / 2 beds, 2 baths

A hidden gem

10 management rating Reviewed by on

This used to be a popular "Wharton" building. We got a 2B2B and absolutely love it. The location might seem far for a lot of people who never venture beyond Market street, but in fact, it is really convenient:
- commute to school via trolley at 19th and Market: the apartment is <5min walk to the trolley. The trolley comes every 2-3min. This is a more economical, reliable option than Uber, and you'd be grateful when winter comes
- more on location: a 7-11 in the building, a Rite-Aid right across the road, 3~4 blocks from Trader Joe's, 2 blocks to Wawa, 3 blocks to Target, walking distance to Whole Foods, 3 blocks to the liquor store. Has a restaurant downstairs in the same building.
- gym: just renovated, not crowded at all
- noise insulation: the building is opposite to a construction site but we hear absolutely nothing in our apartment
- value proposition: it's larger (ours is 1100 sq ft+) and cheaper. Room layout is great, we have walk-in closet and ensuite bathrooms for both bedrooms
- service: the service here is simply the best, the property management gets service awards every year. The leasing office and the concierge are both really helpful. They organize great resident activities - donut day / pretzel day / holiday parties in the lobby with open bar and great food

- a bit far to 2401 Walnut and the pub relative to other buildings (a 15min walk)
- no lounge or pool (only gym + conference room)
- utilities not included, during winter heating is done through the air-con, so electricity becomes more expensive

The Lofts at 1835 Arch Street
 / Philadelphia  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Safe and spacious

9 management rating Reviewed by on

My experience at this apartment building has been great! I love that there is so much to do around me and that the building comes with a free gym membership. The management team and front desk security really go above and beyond here. They make sure residents are not only safe and satisfied, but comfortable and feel at home.

 / Philadelphia  / Studio, 1 bath