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  • Conveniently located next to public transit, school, and retail options.
  • Door service is outstanding.

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Good Apartment for International students new to NYC

6 management rating Reviewed by on

Marbella is ideal for students moving into NYC, given its access to trains and roads. Located at a walking distance from groceries, household items, restaurant, cafes, and the Newport Mall, Marbella makes life very easy for someone with limited time to explore the neighborhood. The amenities are fantastic as well, superb insulation, and flooring. The only downside, it might be pricey to most of the students. But overall is a win-win deal!

 / New York  / 2 beds, 2 baths


5 management rating Reviewed by on

I love the lounge, deck, and gym, but they haven't updated any of them in almost 8 years since I've lived here. I've asked for new gym equipment repeatedly, and nothing. otherwise a great place to live:
- location is ideal
- grocery store, bars, restaurants, shopping nearby
- doormen are excellent
- close to subways

Echelon Chelsea
 / New York  / Studio, 1 bath