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Low-Rise Apartment
Point Breeze, 1627 S 22nd St | Philadelphia

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  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Doorman Building
  •  Elevators
  •  Fitness Center
  •  Granite Countertops
  •  Hardwood Floors
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  •  Pet Friendly
  •  Stainless Steel Appliances
  •  Washer/Dryer In Unit

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About this Location

In a quiet
Fitler Square
26 min walk
29 (bus) - 1 min
7 (bus) - 1 min


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    •  Elevators
  • Kitchen

    •  Dishwasher
    •  Granite Countertops
    •  Microwave
    •  Refrigerator
    •  Stove & Oven
  • Laundry

    •  Washer/Dryer In Unit
  • Living Room

    •  Air Conditioning
    •  Hardwood Floors

The Neighborhood

Signature Spots

dining 36 Recs

Nick’s Old Original Roast Beef
Florida Style Pizza
Philip’s Steaks
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grocery 4 Recs

ACME Markets
The Fresh Grocer
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convenience 3 Recs

CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid
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fitness 16 Recs

Daddis Mixed Martial Arts Academy
CrossFit Supercharged
Flaunt Fitness
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parks 6 Recs

Filter Square
Dickinson Square Park
Fitler Square
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coffee 10 Recs

Breezys Cafe
Café y Chocolate
Dati’s Homemade Water Ice & Ice ...
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About Point Breeze

Point Breeze is one of Philly's hottest neighborhoods in 2017. Named after an old amusement park, this up and coming area is seeing come changes as new people move in and new restaurants pop up. Point Breeze is perfect for beer lovers - check out South Philly Tap Room and Second District Brewing for...
Up and Coming
Friendly People
New Construction
Good Restaurants
Median rents in Point Breeze
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

Getting around Point Breeze

Parking Near 1627 S 22nd St

No parking is available at 1627 S 22nd St, but there is parking nearby.
Parking rates are for informational purposes only and may vary — for most up to date pricing, please reach out to the garage directly.

Point Breeze Reviews

9 reviews
I have lived in Point Breeze for three years. I love the neighborhood but it is a bit of an acquired taste especially for folks new to Philly. It is close to public transport and walkable to lots of great bars, restaurants, etc. It is far from campus, but I find that to be a plus. The neighborhood is changing very fast, which has both its positives and negatives. Good for a more "settled" person.
Point Breeze is "up and coming," so there's a lot of new construction, but it doesn't feel like the most safe neighborhood until you get used to it. There aren't really any solid nearby grocery stores, but because of how far it is from center city (I live around 18th and Warton), you don't have to pay for parking. I and my sister both have cars, so we can make a trip to Target or elsewhere to get what we need. Also, there's decently close public trans, so it's not hard to get things from the Terminal or the Trader Joe's on Market and bring it home. Finally, the nearby American Sardine Bar is probably one of the best bars I've been to, with a great relaxed (almost hipster) atmosphere, which was recently voted the best bar in Philly.
Point Breeze is a mix of residents that have been there for years and yuppies just moving in. It's also right next to the East Passyunk area, which has lots of bars and restaurants.
East Passyunk has blown up recently. Point Breeze remains close to that and the subway without being overpriced.
Developing neighborhood that is really diverse and lively.
The neighborhood has had a lot of gentrification recently, and most of the houses on the block have been recently remodeled or are new constructions. A lot of young professionals around us. There isn't a ton to do within 3-5 blocks, you have to make it to South Street. But the homes/apartments are nice and affordable, the people are friendly, I feel safe.
Very affordable area to buy. Has easy access to CHOP by bike, but less convenient by public transit. Many bars and restaurants (though less than center city) with easy access to big grocery stores!
Not the safest area, but safer than most. No cheap nearby grocery store (acme sucks).

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