Best Neighborhoods in St Louis

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At VeryApt we've created guides to help give you a sense of the different neighborhoods that St Louis has to offer. Each of our guides is the product of our own research and renter reviews from our platform. If you're overwhelmed with choices, a good place to start is our apartment finder!
St. Louis is a historic metro area with a family-friendly reputation to them. Because of the city’s low cost of living and central U.S. location, it has become an attractive city for new companies and residents to move there. Music is a big staple in St. Louis, as people flock to the blues scene in the Soulard neighborhood, or watch performances from the St. Louis Symphony at The Muny (an amphitheater). With lots of unique and diverse neighborhoods surrounding it, many residents stay in this tight-knit city permanently.

Where to Live in St Louis

Central West End
Everything You Want, Anything You Need
Debaliviere Place
A Quaint Transportation Hub
Academy Offering a Warm Community Atmosphere
Cheltenham Hidden Gem of St. Louis
Covenant Blu-Grand Center Highly Sought After
Downtown The Gateway City Center
Downtown West Bustling Downtown Neighborhood
Forest Park Outdoor Lovers Paradise
Forest Park Southeast Picturesque Community
Hi-Pointe A Neighborhood Offering Historic Charm
Midtown The Heart and Soul of St. Louis
Skinker-Debaliviere Nestled North of Forest Park
Tower Grove South A Classic Community
University City An Energetic Cultural Gem
West End A Blend of Historic and Modern
Wydown-Skinker Green and Glorious