Best Neighborhoods in Baton Rouge

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At VeryApt we've created guides to help give you a sense of the different neighborhoods that Baton Rouge has to offer. Each of our guides is the product of our own research and renter reviews from our platform. If you're overwhelmed with choices, a good place to start is our apartment finder!
Located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, and the capital of the U.S. state of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is a city with a mix of historical significance, cultural diversity, and modern industry. It is home to several higher education institutions, including Louisiana State University (LSU). LSU is a major research university with a strong emphasis on agriculture, engineering, and the sciences. Baton Rouge hosts numerous events throughout the year, such as the Baton Rouge Blues Festival and the Louisiana Book Festival. Baton Rouge is known for its delicious cuisine, which includes a mix of Southern, Creole, and Cajun flavors. It's unique blend of Southern charm and economic growth makes it an interesting and dynamic city to explore.

Where to Live in Baton Rouge

Downtown Urban Core of the City
Garden District Known for its Shady Oak Trees and Classic Architecture
Mid City North Where Culture Flourishes and History Inspires
Scotlandville Cultural District
South Baton Rouge Suburban Atmosphere