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What's great

  • Helpful maintenance staff
  • Well-maintained properties
  • Management company is always available
  • Receptive to any issues

What could be better

  • Sometimes slow to act on issues

Recent Dranoff Properties reviews

Great for a niche market

8 management rating Reviewed by on

I love my decision to move to Camden from Philly for my clinical years but maybe not for the preclinical years. I knew I wanted to drive so I was more concerned with living space that also had good parking (assigned spot in a covered garage). For M1/2, maybe not the best option for going out to social gatherings as well as exploring Philly.

The Victor
 / Philadelphia  / 1 bed, 1 bath

The victor

2 management rating Reviewed by on

My apartment itself is nice but the management is not the best

The Victor
 / Philadelphia  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Victor lofts

7 management rating Reviewed by on

It’s a great place to live. Just too expensive to justify being in Camden.

The Victor
 / Philadelphia  / 1 bed, 2 baths


7 management rating Reviewed by on

Works for what i need

The Victor
 / Philadelphia  / Studio, 1 bath

Luxury in Camden

9 management rating Reviewed by on

Advantages: The Victor is < 1 mile from Cooper. There is a shuttle (across the street from the apartment building) that takes you directly to the hospital. It's very clean! There is a front desk concierge 24/7. There is gated parking (relatively inexpensive $70, $85, or $135 per month depending on which lot you choose). There is a gym inside the building open 24/7. There is a rooftop with Philadelphia skyline as the view.

Relative disadvantages: If you like going out for dinner, shows, etc - you will have to uber/drive/Patco across the bridge to Philadelphia because Camden does not have that atmosphere.

The Victor
 / Philadelphia  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great if you are lucky enough not to live by noisy neighbor

5 management rating Reviewed by on

Have no complaints other than there are Med students and other young professional students from Rutgers in the building that are are disrespectful in terms of noise. Have submitted multiple noise complaints. Management seems limited in what they can do.

The Victor
 / Philadelphia  / 1 bed, 1 bath