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What's great

  • Conveniently located next to public transit and retail options.
  • Great modern amenities

What could be better

  • Management is unresponsive to complaints.
  • Management does not take care of common areas and unit amenities such as carpeting or washing machines.

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Average Management

5 management rating Reviewed by on

Overall I would say it's a safe/quiet place to live. However, here are somethings I went through with the management that weren't perfect. First of all, they promised me that they would change a new carpet before I moved in, however, at the day I was moving in, they couldn't get in touch with the people to change my carpet and I had to sleep on the floor (didn't want to move my bed in before the new carpet installed). Secondly, something wrong with my unit that I couldn't get wireless installed (partially Comcast's fault). Lastly, I was trying to renew my lease for six more months, and they made a mistake to renew my lease for 18 months... when I called the lady, she promised me that she will fix it and then she got laid off. Nobody cares to fix my problem until the last day I found out.

The Residences at Arlington Heights
 / Chicago  / 1 bed, 1 bath

West End Apartment

8 management rating Reviewed by on

Convenient to 64, 95, 295 and 288. Located on broad street, only a couple miles from Short Pump Town Center as well as the fan.

Copper Mill Apartments
 / Richmond  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Don't rent here!

1 management rating Reviewed by on

This apartment complex is overpriced and the management is terrible. I went two months without heat and I finally got them to fix the heat in the dead of winter after I called the city housing director and the news station. They don't fix issues inside the apartment, such as waiting 2 months for heat. They reported that I was not home when they showed up for appointments to fix the heat, which was a lie. I did not enjoy suffering without heat for two months and was there for every appointment. The maintenance just didn't show up.
The grounds are extremely dirty. There is trash everywhere, including outside of other tenants doors in the walkway. There is only one trash bin for the entire complex and it is constantly overflowing and attracting animals. I have encountered coyotes, skunks, and raccoons. They also don't enforce rules on cleaning up after pets. There is dog waste all over the place and I step in it on a weekly basis.
They don't clear snow or ice from stairwells, sidewalks, or parking lots. It has become very icy throughout the winter.
Basically, don't rent here. The apartments look really nice and are called "luxury apartments" but they are far from luxurious. The only positive thing they have going for them is the location right off of highway 36.

 / Denver  / 1 bed, 1 bath

The worst place I've ever lived.

1 management rating Reviewed by on

Don't ever move in here! The walls are paper thin, you can hear everything your neighbors say and do. The carpet is filthy. The walls are being eaten by carpenter bees. It's disgusting. The parking lot is not safe. My neighbor's car got stolen in the middle of the night. The only redeeming thing about this place is its proximity to locations in town you'd actually want to be, not too far from Midtown and Howell Mill is the next major street over.

Highland Ridge Apartments
 / Atlanta  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Highland Ridge - you get less than what you paid for

3 management rating Reviewed by on

When JRK management was in charge of this property, the maintenance was really slow. Sometimes it took a few months, although I kept reminding them the issue. However, recently, the managing company has been changed to BM management. I am hoping to have better maintenance service from them.

Highland Ridge Apartments
 / Atlanta  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Washington Heights Apartment

6 management rating Reviewed by on

Washington Heights is a good option for Fordham Law students looking for a cheaper neighborhood and willing to have a small commute. My 1L apartment was right near the 168th subway station, which is an express station for the A and a local station on the 1 trains. The A gets you to school door to door in 30-35 minutes as it only stops at 145, 125, and then 59th street. The unit itself had three large rooms (a separate kitchen) and had an updated kitchen. The area itself is up and coming but still feels like a neighborhood. The management company was easy to work with and responded to repair requests quickly. While there were not amenities in this building, it allowed me to live by myself in NY, a true rarity.

514 W 170th Street
 / New York  / 1 bed, 1 bath

You Get What You Pay For

5 management rating Reviewed by on

There's nothing that really makes this place stand out. There have been issues with bugs and the interior isn't much to brag about (you can tell from the multiple coats of paint) The neighborhood isn't the cleanest. You are required to pay for a gate card, however the gates are never functioning.

Laurel Hills Preserve
 / Atlanta  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great Place for a Quiet Person

8 management rating Reviewed by on

This apartment is very nice for the money and is a very quick drive to work. It's also right across the street from a Kroger, a Sam's Club, Costco, and other places. It's a 5 to 10 minute drive to Walmart and other Short Pump Mall stores.

The apartment has free parking and free fitness center membership. The fitness center is small but nice and it's easy to find time when it's very unoccupied. There is also a walking trail around the apartments. The management is nice and has been fair to me so far.

My apartment is very nice for what I pay. The layout is great and everything works well. I even have a wood-burning fireplace (in a 3rd floor apartment!).

The ONLY unfortunate thing about this location is that it's sorta far from more "fun" areas like The Fan, Shockoe Bottom, etc. It's a perfect location for people like me who are mainly introverts and don't do a lot of going out. When I do go out I usually have to drive about 20 minutes to get to The Fan and then find parking. However, if you enjoy being on your own and doing a lot of shopping, this is a great palce.

Copper Mill Apartments
 / Richmond  / 1 bed, 1 bath