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Great environment

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It is great that we have a pool, hot tub, grills, and a 24 hour gym. The gym is small, but rarely ever packed. There is a dog park as part of the apartment property. I'm a cat owner, but everyone with the dogs seems happy. There is no charge for parking unless you want a separate garage. Most apartments come with a garage already. I do miss Boulder, but the drive from Broomfield isn't bad unless there is a major accident. Boulder is expensive, but definitely with more bike/running paths. This is something this area lacks. These apartments are right next to US 36, which is easy access to Denver/Boulder. I like that it is a gated community.

Harvest Station
 / Denver  / 3 beds, 2 baths

Outside of Boulder, but not far from much!

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Love Harvest Station, lots of bang for your buck. Spacious bedrooms, lots of community amenities, plenty of parking. Super pet friendly. 2 minute walk to the bus stop which will get you directly to campus or only a 20 minute drive. Close to restaurants and breweries. Not far from Denver either!

Harvest Station
 / Denver  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Sunny, comfortable apartments!

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I lived at the Residences for about a year. The apartment got plenty of sun and there were three large windows in the living room, plus double doors leading to the porch in the bedroom. The porch area had a small "shed", which was really nice for storing my husband's tools.
The bathroom was probably my biggest problem room. There were some shelves by the sink which were pretty spacious, but they had been painted over so many times that when I put things on them, the things stuck and pulled up the paint. There wasn't a bathroom closet, so everything in your bathroom was on display.
The pool is very nice in the summer. There are grills and plenty of lawn chairs. The gym is workable, with several treadmills and a few stationary bikes, although there aren't very many weights options, and the yoga room is always dirty and bugs get in. I recommend bringing your own yoga mat if you want to go in there.
Overall, I would recommend this apartment. It was decent and the location was amazing. It's very safe for children and it's pretty quiet.

The Residences at Vinings Mountain
 / Atlanta  / 1 bed, 1 bath