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Dorchester, 1 Harbor Point Blvd | Boston

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Limited nearby
public transit
In a quiet
Joe Moakley Park
9 min walk


1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths
  • Sports & Fitness

    •  Fitness Center

Overall rating 2.0/10, based on 1 renter review

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Overpriced and Potentially Dangerous... But at least you can see Dorchester Bay.

My roommate and I had countless issues at Harbor Point on the Bay. Pest issues; toilets not functioning; leaks going without repair causing damages to bathroom walls; internet not functioning as it should due to poor maintenance of the wiring; Horrible people living inside the area, I've walked out to see people sitting on my car. Some residents will smoke marijuana and/or cigarettes, we often find cigarette butts inside on the floor of the enclosed staircases within the buildings. Police are called to the area on a fairly regular basis.

Management (more specifically Heidi, the property manager) hates residents, dealing with management is a nightmare. I recommend hiring an attorney to make communications with management. If you attempt to reach Heidi directly, she will pretend to never be in the office.

The maintenance staff are rude, to the exception of the plumbing guys.. they're friendly. Also, the guards are pretty nice too. I feel bad that they have to put up with so many problems there. I recall talking to the guards about occurrences that took place over the summer. One instance in particular was when the guards received about 7-8 complaints in one evening. This was the evening where I had to go out and tell these people to get off of my car. Heidi completely blew off the concerns and claimed everyone was part of some sort of funeral proceeding. However, let's be real here... the police aren't called on funeral parties when people are being normal and mourning. Things got out of hand and police intervention became necessary. We live across from the guard booth, we can see all the police lights and hear their sirens as they nearly regularly come into the area. (There are also ambulances and fire trucks for when theirs fire alarms, but that's normal. You can always tell the difference between a Boston Police Department Vehicle and an ambulance).

Harbor Point on the Bay was a well-known Dorchester project in the past. Also, there is gang activity that takes place there. Of course, you will also deal with the many U-Mass Boston students who are very loud and aren't great at being considerate of older neighbors.

Shootings occur fairly regularly. One woman was shot over the summer (July 26th I believe) in her apartment. We heard several gunshots this previous Sunday. Robberies have been known to occur. I believe 2-3 shootings took place since I moved in during late-August of 2021. Yes, the police response usually makes it pretty obvious. Watching 5-10+ police vehicles enter the community is fairly common.

It's basically, how much money do you want to spend to feel unsafe? We pay such a large sum of money, however all these events (shootings, robberies, etc.) keep taking place that make the community feel less safe.

I will say that being on Dorchester Bay is very nice, however that is the only reason why I stayed for another year. Location is down the road from the JFK/U-Mass station, however the sidewalks leading to the station are poorly maintained during the winters as no-one takes ownership of the space between the hotel and the parking-lot owned by U-Mass.

Harbor Point attempts to hold community events, which I'd imagine are great for kids. However, that is overshadowed by the amount of shootings that take place in the region. (If you don't believe me, just Google Harbor Point on the Bay Shootings).

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Fiskie’s Cafe
It’s A Wrap
The Avenue Grille & Pizzeria
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Star Market
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CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid
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Broadway Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness
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Joe Moakley Park
Savin Hill Park
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PS Gourmet Coffee
Sugar Bowl Cafe
Dunkin’ Donuts
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Dorchester is one of Boston’s largest neighborhoods. Originally, Dorchester was not a part of Boston but considered its own separate town. In 1630, Dorchester was founded by Puritans who emigrated from Dorchester, England, thus earning its name. It was annexed by Boston in the year of 1870, which i...
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