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Greed and poor construction

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Avenida at Centerra is only a year old and is poor construction and management. The a/c units are really loud in the walls, no heat/ac vent in bathrooms, appliances going out, flooring coming up, poor paint jobs, carpet buckling, a water line broken and the main floor had to be jackhammered to find the leak....etc. The manager charged a grieving family over $4,000 when their mother died for early lease termination. Plus, there are many other hidden fees they are charging that are not in the lease. At move-out they are requiring the carpets to be professionally cleaned, nail holes painted and patched charging up to hundreds of dollars in hidden fees.

Avenida at Centerra
 / Loveland  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Disappointing Experience - Beware Before Choosing This Property

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I have been a resident at this property for 10 months now, and I must caution anyone considering it as their new residence to think twice. The level of service promised and advertised is far from what is actually delivered.

Upon moving in, I was greeted with a refrigerator infested with insects swarming around the ice maker motor. This was not the welcome I anticipated when moving into a supposedly upscale property.

The most egregious issue, however, lies with the elevators. They are consistently out of service, and there was a particularly alarming incident where all elevators shut down simultaneously. This forced residents to trek down numerous flights of stairs, as the building spans from floor 12 to 28, with a total of 29 floors. It's not just an inconvenience; it's a safety hazard.

Furthermore, the hot water supply is unreliable, with frequent outages. As of writing this review, I have been without hot water for over 24 hours. Despite contacting the contact center (since the office and concierge never seem to answer), I received no updates until the following day, when they vaguely mentioned contacting emergency plumbing. However, there has been no further communication or resolution, leaving residents like myself in discomfort and frustration.

On top of these issues, the promised concierge service is virtually nonexistent. Instead of having the convenience of a concierge to assist with guests, residents are forced to trek downstairs to let their visitors in every time, which is a significant inconvenience.

Despite multiple emails to management addressing these concerns, there has been no meaningful response or action taken to address the ongoing issues.

In summary, the experience at this property has been consistently disappointing, and I strongly advise against choosing it as your place of residence. Save yourself the hassle and frustration, and look elsewhere for a more reliable and accommodating living environment.

Ascent Peachtree
 / Atlanta  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Beautiful But Live at Your Own Risk

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We liked the gorgeous water front balcony view of Port Jeff Harbor. We liked the small town vibes (PJ night at some restaurant, Ice Fest, muse paint bar, original kit-cat klock dealer(s), late night pizza option, small town vibes, local town reenactments of Dickinson, and a local marshmallow pit on at some times for guests, a new annual Christmas tree lighting, fun stores, delicious food options, private cove-beach access, and we liked the layout of the apartment like the island table and wine cabinet downstairs and all of the anchor decor. There was one social event in the complex where the food was quite good. It is as if they were trying to do an adult dormitory which I liked but I did not like the vibes.

We did not like the overbearing staff. They found reasons to constantly monitor and call us out via email to the entire unit of people. They did this to us and others. We also found our mailbox name was changed. That means someone would have to had opened our mailbox and change the slip we inserted with our names on it. Additionally, there was little to no professional transparency. they did not take out rent when they were supposed to only to add it to the next month's rent and tried to evict us. They also blocked us from accessing the rent portal! They also referred to me as "Jane Doe" in correspondence.

The management was GreyStar and they sent us a survey about the apartment dwelling. They asked if we liked the apartment layout like if we thought the washer-dryer was nice in it's own room (in our case, it was, but it frequently kept coming outside of the enclosed space it was suppose d to be in). So it's like they were using the residents' to figure out if we liked the apartment or the town more. They asked us in survey format if we associated the property with our identity or the town. Basically what I got out of it was them trying to find out why we were willing to pay $4k for the 2 bedroom unit we were in. The staff who showed us the place left nice gifts for us on the counter island table however she also mentioned that my relative can come live with us which was unprofessional. She also indirectly called me a free loader.

There was a gorgeous (absolutely) gorgeous roof top view of the boats. Again, with a lot of cameras. The listing in the garage states that the cameras don't act as security and to still contact police for protection. However, they were monitoring all we did. Like, my husband set up a camera for a video of the sunset on the roof and the staff mass emailed everyone saying not to do that or he would fall. They also didn't give us an EV spot for our fully electric vehicle (15' Nissan Leaf). And so although we paid for parking, we had to leave the car outside at times to charge the car. When we did plug in the car, in the garage at a level one charger, we were yelled at yet again. It was like we were being treated like children or being groomed for something. It was scary. The Rooftop was very nice despite all of this as it was open for the season. The water would glisten. And the stores looked so very beautiful. You can see the green courtyard below. It was breath taking. The Cove is a nice spot too. I remember her mentioning to us during the tour that we would get a license to be able to access the island just for residents but she never gave it to us. So we visited and left but we were expecting a bit more for the price. It was a unique feature to us. There is also a PetSpa downstairs. The Christmas Decor externally was nice too.

The place is built on a marsh and so the tides can overflow the town at any minute. Also, a lot of older people committed suicide or just randomly drove off the water's edge. When we moved in, they barricaded the area with large stones.

The Shipyard at Port Jefferson
 / Port Jefferson  / 2 beds, 2 baths


7 management rating Reviewed by on

It’s great! Very new apartment and very quiet

Rise Koreatown
 / Los Angeles  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Incredible location, walking distance to beach and promenade

5 management rating Reviewed by on

I've had a great experience living here. This area is extremely walkable and allows me to experience everything Santa Monica has to offer. The only negatives are the constant construction and construction noise. Awesome place to live if you enjoy going to the beach and shopping. Just beware this area is always crowded and is getting even more busy due to all the new construction areas.

Living at Santa Monica
 / Los Angeles  / Studio, 1 bath

Best Apartment I've ever lived in

10 management rating Reviewed by on

I've moved around a lot and did very thorough research before moving back to LA, personally having toured 15+ places. This was a new apartment that looked good on paper and in person with a short commute to campus. It's on the safe and quiet side of ktown and I believe may actually be the best apartment I've lived in in terms of quality, staff and amenities. Highly recommend

Rise Koreatown
 / Los Angeles  / 1 bed, 1 bath

The Rise Koreatown Is Great

10 management rating Reviewed by on

I really like the Rise Koreatown. The apartment is very clean and well maintained. The staff are very responsive to maintenance issues. The staff are very kind and very attentive to issues. The time at which I signed the lease of my apartment, I got 3 months free rent which made it a very good deal. The amenities are really great and clean. The gym is really great. the parking spot for the EV is a monthly fee and there are not additional fees for charging. The apartment is located in a great spot with lots of amazing restaurants around it. There is also a Ralphs very close to the apartment. The view is great from the building.

Rise Koreatown
 / Los Angeles  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great, silent apartment complex

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Village at west university is very close to Rice in driving distance, I highly recommend this residency for people with cars, as it is not that close to school in Houston's weather and I don't really know about buses. The apartments are not fully remodeled but they do a great job at maintenance. The community is very silent despite being close to the highway. Walking distance from both Kroger and HEB. Gated community, gym, pool, covered parking, carpeted or wooden floor, full kitchen, in-apartment washing and drying machines, central A/C, in-unit balcony.

Village at West University
 / Houston  / 2 beds, 2 baths

City Centre

7 management rating Reviewed by on

Building is great, location is excellent and top tier gym. Cost is high fora town like Ithaca.

City Centre
 / Ithaca  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Not worth the ever increasing rent

2 management rating Reviewed by on

The location is awesome, but the building is old and not well maintained. If something goes wrong the manager has no power to help because they need corporate approval. Most of the amenities do not work and the "safety features" of the building are often broken or not monitored. The mail room hours actually significantly impact your ability to receive deliveries. The price goes up each semester for a building that, in the past 3 years I have lived, keeps breaking.

Georgia Heights
 / Athens  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Best location. worst price

10 management rating Reviewed by on

Hard to beat the location. Mostly 1-bedrooms and very expensive. Comes with furniture for free if you want it. Basics: gym, pool, printer/computers, common area, leasing office signs for your packages which is nice compared to most other apartments (so your packages do not get stolen). Parking is an extra 75-85, and the apartments are not exactly top-of-the-line, but they're nice enough. Maintenance issues constantly with the building: one elevator has been down for almost three months and unclear if they intend to fix, and the stairwells are hard to navigate (mainly exit-only). The parking gate sometimes wont close (safety issue). Leaks in the ceilings. Fire alarms from the downstairs retailers go off every once in a while...inconvenient to be connected to them at times.

Georgia Heights
 / Athens  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Location should not be this expensive

8 management rating Reviewed by on

When you get an apartment at Georgia Heights, you are paying a super premium for location and mostly location alone. The facilities are very average, run-of-the-mill for these cookie cutter college-style high rise apartment complexes that comprise seemingly half of the housing market right now. They’re not horrible, but they’re far from something to take pride in.

The staff at Georgia Heights is quite nice, and they are very respondent to maintenance requests and the like. However, again, the price tag is just 15-20% higher than what the place is worth, location and all. I

Georgia Heights
 / Athens  / 1 bed, 1 bath

GA heights Review

7 building rating Reviewed by on

Too Expensive but closest to law school

Georgia Heights
 / Athens  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great for families, but a long commute to UCLA

7 management rating Reviewed by on

Gorgeous ocean views and a great location for families. Great school district for kids. Extremely safe. Beautiful hikes and lots of parks nearby.

Plumbing and maintenance issues a lot. Very far from campus.

Avana Rancho Palos Verdes
 / Los Angeles  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Not bad

4 management rating Reviewed by on

I LOVE my apartment and have not personally had a lot of issues, but I know people who have. The building management is not really on their stuff and things are disorganized. You really have to be on them for any maintenance/service requests.

Broadstone Centennial
 / Nashville  / Studio, 1 bath