Van Ness

Once the site of the Civil War, Van Ness has changed itself to embrace art, culture, cuisines and fashion. Places from Acacia Bistro for Mediterranean cuisine to the ideal urban escape at Rock Creek Park are well liked by most of the locals in the area during the weekends. The Hillwood Museum and Gardens of DC helps residents to catch their breath and enjoy the collaboration between art and nature.

What Van Ness Residents
Think About Their Apartments
Median rents in Van Ness
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

Living in
Van Ness

Very Safe
Not many restaurants and bars
Grocery Store nearby
Quiet Neighborhood
Plenty of parks
Pet Friendly
No Nightlife
Van Ness — 6.5/10 Rating (based on 4 neighborhood reviews)
Safe, safe safe! I can walk at night and I have never felt unsafe. very residential area so not a TON of restaurants/bars, but very close to the grocery store. Quiet and lots of families.
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Neighborhood Rating
Connecticut House
The best part is that it is very quiet especially at night. You don't hear much road traffic at all. Very close to multiple grocery stores. Lacks nearby restaurants/bars- could use more of those!
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Neighborhood Rating
4600 Connecticut Avenue
The area is quite suburban, especially off connecticut avenue. Plenty of parks and green space, which makes it great for pets. There are a few cafes, but no nightlife to speak of, and nearby grocery stores are definitely smaller and dated.
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Neighborhood Rating
Connecticut Heights
It's very quiet and residential, but close to Tenleytown and Cleveland Park bars and restaurants.
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Neighborhood Rating
4600 Conduminiums
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Getting to Know
Van Ness

Neighborhood Boundaries
East to West Boundary: Wisconsin Ave NW to Connecticut Ave NW
North to South Boundary: Nebraska Ave NW to Quebec St NW
Acacia Bistro & Wine Bar
AMC Loews Uptown 1
Sahara Dance
Washington School of Ballet
gyms / rec
Tenley Sport&Health
The Yoga Fusion Studio
Tidal Elite Performance Center
UDC Tennis Courts
Friendship Jewelers
Johnson's Flower & Garden Center
Sullivan's Toy Store & Art Supplies
Tenleytown Ace Hardware
H2 (bus)
L1 (bus)
L1/L2 (bus)
Red (metro)
CVS Pharmacy
Giant Food
Whole Foods
Acacia Bistro & Wine Bar
Potbelly Sandwich Shop
About your Neighbors
Data from the 2013 American Community Survey
• Van Ness contains the 5 digit ZIP code(s) of _____. ___% of residents are renters, and the rental vacancy rate is typically ____%, which is _____________ than the national average.

• ___% of units are in 20+ unit buildings, with ___% having being built in the past 10 years. 2BR+ properties make up roughly ___% of the market, with the balance in 1BR and studios.

• Most people in Van Ness _____ own a car.

The median gross rent in Van Ness is $_______. ____% of Van Ness residents are 24-35, ___% are below 24, ___% are 36-50, and ___% are older than 50.

• Roughly ___% of Van Ness residents are students (___% grad, ___% undergrad), and ___% are unemployed or retired. The median income in Van Ness is $_______.

• Most units are heated by ______________, and ___% of ACS survey respondents said that they pay extra for one or more utilities.

Best Apartments
in Van Ness

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Studio $1,375
1 Bed $1,600
2 Beds $2,500

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1 Bed $2,200
2 Beds $3,600

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Studio $1,995
1 Bed $2,310
2 Beds $2,720

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1 Bed $1,750

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