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More than a just a neighborhood, Petworth is a community. It is a great place for a relaxing nightlife with its upcoming bars and restaurants such as the Hitching Post or El Limeno and a historic weekend at the Lincoln Cottage and Rock Creek Cemetery.
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Little Sketch Sometimes
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Noise At Times
Petworth — None/10 Rating (based on 6 neighborhood reviews)
Petworth is in transition between a slightly run-down forgotten neighborhood and awesome! While that's kind of a mixed bag in terms of housing quality, safety, things to do, etc. we find it very exciting. There are a few little playgrounds in the neighborhood and we enjoyed taking walks anywhere and everywhere - the zoo is less than an hour's walk away if you're feeling really adventurous! It seems like a new local business pops up every few weeks, the library has plenty of great programming, the neighborhood has a strong sense of community - highly recommend to a roommate group that wants to share a big row house, families with younger kids, and those who want to live in a quirky always-changing part of the city.
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Neighborhood Rating
Three Tree Flats
Petworth/Columbia Heights has a large Salvadorian population that give the area a lot of character. There are a good number of underrated, low key bars within walking distance.
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Neighborhood Rating
Twin Oaks Apartments
I know it's not the safest of places yet but if you possess any street smarts, you won't be bothered. Keep your eyes open, don't walk late alone, etc.
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Neighborhood Rating
The Swift Petworth
a little sketch sometimes - homeless guys yell at me almost every night, and there are plenty of drug deals happening on the corners. Steadily being overtaken by hipsters and the rent's pretty cheap, plus you can walk to a lot of good bars and restaurants.
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Neighborhood Rating
The Swift Petworth
Living close to a metro station is great for the commute. We also live right next door to Safeway. But it's on Georgia Ave which often feels like a highway in the mornings and cars zoom by at 40miles and hour and often runs the red lights. We also live right next to a Wendy's so I can hear drunk people's after the club food orders at 1am. There is a lot of noise at all times of the night.
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Neighborhood Rating
Three Tree Flats
I need more stores, food shops in my area. My street is not so bad but surrounding areas have high crime rates due to burglary, etc.
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5408 9th street nw washington dc
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Getting to Know

Neighborhood Boundaries
East to West Boundary: Arkansas Ave NW to Rock Creek Church Rd NW
North to South Boundary: Emerson St NW to Spring Rd NW
Capital City Hydroponics
Fia's Fabulous Finds
Upshur Street Books
Yes! Organic Market
Chez Billy
Crane & Turtle
Qualia Coffee
Stellas PopKern
63/70/79 (bus)
64 (bus)
H8 (bus)
Yellow (metro)
Safari DC
Slash Run
The Pitch Tavern
gyms / rec
Kali Yoga Studio
LevelUp Personal Training
Lighthouse Yoga Center
Upshur Outdoor Pool
About your Neighbors
Data from the 2013 American Community Survey
• Petworth contains the 5 digit ZIP code(s) of _____. ___% of residents are renters, and the rental vacancy rate is typically ____%, which is _____________ than the national average.

• ___% of units are in 20+ unit buildings, with ___% having being built in the past 10 years. 2BR+ properties make up roughly ___% of the market, with the balance in 1BR and studios.

• Most people in Petworth _____ own a car.

The median gross rent in Petworth is $_______. ____% of Petworth residents are 24-35, ___% are below 24, ___% are 36-50, and ___% are older than 50.

• Roughly ___% of Petworth residents are students (___% grad, ___% undergrad), and ___% are unemployed or retired. The median income in Petworth is $_______.

• Most units are heated by ______________, and ___% of ACS survey respondents said that they pay extra for one or more utilities.

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1 Bed $1,700

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Studio $1,400
1 Bed $1,750

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1 Bed $2,360
2 Beds $2,580

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2 Beds $2,499

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Studio $1,200
1 Bed $1,500
2 Beds $1,600

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