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Would Recommend

10 management rating Reviewed by on

Property is owned and managed by Bernstein management Company. It's a great place to live, the company is very easy to work with, and I love the amenities of the apartment. Would recommend to any one looking for a place to live in Dupont Circle area of Washington DC

Dupont Executive Apartments
 / Washington DC  / 2 beds, 1 bath

Pet Friendly, Quiet Neighborbood

7 management rating Reviewed by on

Park Crest is great if you're looking for an apartment close to Georgetown but away from the heart of the city. It's great for dog owners too!

Park Crest
 / Washington DC  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great staff, inconvenient location

10 management rating Reviewed by on

I love the staff working at Idaho Terrace - they are so responsive and work so hard to make sure all of our concerns are addressed! I also like the quality of the building -- it's clean, secure, and feels pretty "upscale." It's also pet friendly, which is a must for me.

It's not in a convenient location for the rest of DC, and about 7 minutes away from Wisconsin Ave, and I wish it were closer (both to Wisconsin Ave and to a metro stop). It also feels very residential -- it's surrounded by apartment buildings and houses, not shops and restaurants. Some tenants also have complained about noise -- a lot of AU undergrads live in my building (I have never had an issue with this, personally, but I'm pretty noise insensitive).

Overall, I'd give it a 7 out of 10. It's perfect for the MBA program, but if I were not in this MBA program I would not be able to put up with feeling like I was living in a suburb rather than a city.

Idaho Terrace
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

Bernstein Management is great!

5 management rating Reviewed by on

The apartment is great - they are currently renovating and not accepting new tenants. Bernstein Management has a bunch of other properties in the DuPont/West End/AdMo area that are pretty fairly priced for the area. You trade amenities for price and location with pretty much all of their properties.

The August
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

Quiet and Roomy

8 management rating Reviewed by on

The maintenance team is not very quick to respond when something breaks. Other than that, it’s a great apartment. The walls are pretty thick, so I rarely here neighbors. Although I do hear a lot of sirens since we are so close to the hospital. Also my studio is extremely spacious.

Potomac Park
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

Good Changes Recently

10 management rating Reviewed by on

This building has been through amazing renovations like the amazing change from the lobby to the laundry room to the gym to the rooftop. This building has just been amazing to what it has to offer to its residence.The neighbors are all family friendly!! Also staff and maintenance technicians are amazing at their job!!!

Connecticut Gardens
 / Washington DC  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Best apartment in DC

10 management rating Reviewed by on

I've been living at Connecticut Gardens Apartments for almost 3 years and it has been a great experience. The location is amazing and convenient to so many things. The building is safe and well kept, both the front office and maintenance are attentive

Connecticut Gardens
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

Great apartment

9 management rating Reviewed by on

The apartment is great. Diverse residents, pet friendly, great common areas. Incredible views from the roof, gym, dog run, barbecue grills, small pool.

Lex at Waterfront Station
 / Washington DC  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Incredible deal for couples

10 management rating Reviewed by on

-Entire apartment renovated in the last 3 years
-Clean. NO BUGS.
-Pet friendly (even has pet cleaning rooms)
-Amenities include gym, bike locking room, bbq grills, outdoor roof swimming pool, rec/party room, outdoor patio w/ grills, business center, conference room.
-24/7 concierge.
-Incredible staff and management. Had a small apartment fire and the management were unbelievably accommodating and helpful.
-Floor to ceiling windows.
-All new appliances
-Wood floors. Carpet bedroom. Tile bathroom.
-In-unit washer and dryer
-Thicc walls
-100 feet from Waterfront Metro
-Next to Safeway
-View from roof is A+

-Not much storage space.
-Pricey if not a couple
-Floor to ceiling windows means heat escapes easily
-Utilities not covered
-Not many restaurants/bars right nearby (closest is Navy Yard). Although the Wharf just opened but that is $$$.

Leo at Waterfront Station
 / Washington DC  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Southwest is great and the Lex has a wonderful community.

8 management rating Reviewed by on

I was initially quite hesitant to move into the Lex. The building name is absurd. However, the community is wonderful. There are people who have lived here for a while who frequently meet in the common areas for get togethers or to watch sports. New comers are welcome.
The building has great amenities. Plus, being right next to a grocery store that is not expensive Whole foods is A+.
Complaints: The air flow from the heating system in a lot of the apartments is not very efficient. To be fair, I've never been too cold or too hot, it is just a sort of strange set up.

Lex at Waterfront Station
 / Washington DC  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great spot to live

10 management rating Reviewed by on

I love living at the Belvedere. Phenomenal location in Logan Circle and still very accessible to work. The management is great.

 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

York Studio Apartment

6 management rating Reviewed by on

My apartment has a good layout, including a semi-detached kitchen, and decent closet space. Sound from the surrounding rooms is not too bad, but sound from outside can be a pain.
The worst part for me is that there is only centralized heating and AC in the apartment, so on warm days in the winter (there have been a lot this year) it can get pretty gross.
There are no dishwashers, there is a gym with primarily treadmills/weights, the washers and dryers are in the basement and are generally always available. There is always hot water, which is nice. Overall the apartment is functional, nothing too fancy.

The York
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

Park Crest

10 management rating Reviewed by on

This is an old apartment complex but it is well maintained and very clean. Short walk to Georgetown through the park.

Park Crest
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

Perfect for the price

10 management rating Reviewed by on

My apartment is SMALL, but the rent, which is relatively cheap for the area, includes all the utilities. I don't need internet or parking, so my living expenses are literally equal to my rent. The management is quick to respond to emergencies--I once had my toilet flood at 3am, and the maintenance team was knocking on my door less than fifteen minutes after I called the emergency number. The management is also very responsive by email and open to suggestions and comments. The buildings are secure, and right next to the woods so it's really quiet. I'm about 30 minutes walking from Georgetown's campus, and ten minutes from Wisconsin Ave social live. The downside of these apartments is that they're pretty old buildings. The appliances are newish I guess, but the building hasn't been renovated probably since the 70s or 80s so it looks pretty bland. The floors in the hallways and the units could use a face lift, and the laundry machines are overpriced. I just don't separate so I can do everything in one load. Depending on where your unit faces, you'll be flush with light which is great in winter, but hot in summer. Electricity is included in the rent though, so run that a/c on high all day and night! They are open to cats and dogs, but you might need to exercise a little muscle with a rabbit (which I have). They are a "unique" pet so the building just don't really have a policy for or against them, but they will end up charging the fee as if the rabbit were a cat which was fine by me. None of the units are handicap accessible except I think for one building. The fitness center is fine. It has all the basics, but it’s not ground breaking. And there’s a bus a few steps away but we are nowhere near the metro.

Park Crest
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath

Great value, amazing space, fun neighborhood

10 management rating Reviewed by on

Everything you could want is in this well-managed complex. We have amazing light and modern amenities, including a gym. Close to the red line and many bus lines. Proximal to banks, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Very affordable, as well.

The Melwood
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath