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No complaints

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Love it here!

Seasons on the Boulevard
 / Salt Lake City  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Great Value

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I've lived her almost a year. It's a great value for downtown Bellevue, as the rents reflect the lack of amenities such as a gym, common room, etc. I don't have a need for those at my home so I appreciate not having to pay for them. The apartments themselves are great, hardwood floors, decent quality build, walls are thick. The only downside is that the floors/ceilings are not thick as everyone can always hear their upstairs neighbors. The first week I was here I had my downstairs neighbor angrily knock at my door at midnight because I was walking around my own apartment (it was the only time I had that week to actually unpack). Another issue is that when one of the garage doors broke, some people had their cars broken into. That garage door is fixed now though, but that does tell you a little bit about characters that may be in the area to take advantage.

 / Seattle  / 1 bed, 1 bath