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Pegasus Review

10 management rating Reviewed by on

I love my apartment! It's located right down town and is only 1 block from the metro station that goes straight to USC, so my commute is about 15-20 minutes. There's an awesome pool and gym on the roof. Management has been incredibly helpful, and any issues I have had have been resolved before the end of the day. It's pet friendly, and there's tons of dogs who live here.

 / Los Angeles  / Studio, 1 bath

Great Apartment with Acceptable Tradeoffs

8 management rating Reviewed by on

This space feels like a good compromise for living as a student without making huge sacrifices in amenities.

Moving here from an apartment that had been more recently renovated highlights some of the shortcomings of the space. There are several design choices that are clearly intended to make the apartment more *durable* rather than *comfortable.* But these make sense for a large, managed building.

Lofts at Kendall Square
 / Boston  / 2 beds, 2 baths

You will hate yourself in the first week

1 management rating Reviewed by on

This overpriced ghetto lifestyle is sure to make you feel at home, if you love trash rats and roaches. The price is ridiculous. You will be greeted by trash in the parking lots. Very little security, police raids, domestic violence, RATS, broken lights and flies greeting you as you get off the elevator that is often broken. I tried to give this place a chance, in the end I was fooled and hoodwinked. As I came home last night a rat ran across my foot in the hallway. I tried to relax and put my dog on the balcony and rats attacked my dog. Maintenance came and put some metal blockage under my door so the rats can’t get in my closet, but I still hear them sealing at night.
The workout room is a flashback to 1989. The TVs in the workout room don’t work and wires and cable boxes lay around unplugged. The treadmill skips and you could get hurt, but for a 10-year-old treadmill I guess it’s good. The jacuzzi is full of little kid urine and stopped getting hot months ago. They finally fixed the steam room after a years of not working. Bugs love this place, roaches and water bugs are living it up at Bella Vista. There are new apartments within walking distance. Go check them out. I have pictures of everything I have stated. Last week there were over twenty police officers here. The drug dealers and the one security guard will always make you feel at home. Make sure your car alarm is on, there is a automobile break in often.

Bella Vista At Warner Ridge
 / Los Angeles  / 1 bed, 1 bath

Absolutely Disgusting

1 management rating Reviewed by on

Absolutely disgusting place to live. We moved in August of 2022 and initially were really happy with the apartment and management. Little did we know we were not the only ones living in it. This building has a HORRIBLE cockroach problem. It is absolutely infested and the management refused to help us with the issue. We put in at least 5 service requests and every time they said they would address it, they would come in and spray basic RAID spray in a couple corners and leave. We desperately need a professional exterminator, especially when it spread to our lofted BEDROOM area, but they would not do anything to help us. To put the cherry on top, upon moving out I specifically asked the management if I should patch up the holes in our walls from small screws. They told me if it was less than the diameter of a dime I would not be charged anything. Low and behold my move out invoice include a $300 dollar fee for the spackling!! They also charged me another $300 for a quoted $130 easy move cleaning service. Best part is when I followed up inquiring about these fees, management ghosts me and stops responding to my emails. Absolutely horrible experience with this building stay away at all costs.

71 Broadway Apartments
 / New York  / Studio, 1 bath

Great location and friendly staff, but multiple issues

4 management rating Reviewed by on

The Flats is a great location and is less pricier than nearby options. The staff is also very friendly (and front desk team is great!). But we left after our first lease term (after a brief extension to match up dates with our new lease somewhere else) after experiencing a number of issues:

- The elevators are terrible, residents often wait a significant time to get out of the building. Many days, only one elevator (out of 4 in the building) is working. On multiple occasions, we had no working elevators for multiple hours. They continually promised progress, only to delay the timeline by months. The project to fix it is expected to go well into 2024.

- Despite delaying the elevator project, the Flats prioritized installing a smart-lock system that we and other residents found unuseful. Despite the benefit of no longer needing a physical key, you still need to carry around a physical fob to get in the building. Waste of money that could've gone to the elevators.

- Upon move-out, we were nickled-and-dimed for what they called a "full clean." To date, this is the only apartment we have ever been charged for cleaning upon move-out, as we always are very particular about cleaning. Expect a $100+ charge upon leaving even if you leave the apartment in perfectly acceptable condition.

The Flats at Dupont Circle
 / Washington DC  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Safety Concern

7 management rating Reviewed by on

The experience was good my first year, however some issues with security.

1500 Mass
 / Washington DC  / 1 bed, 1 bath


7 management rating Reviewed by on

Older building but lots of space for good price. Nice outside areas. Studio no balcony.

3003 Van Ness
 / Washington DC  / Studio, 1 bath


4 management rating Reviewed by on

The rent is expensive for a student but I live with my sister and she pays for it. The location is great and it is easy to come to the campus. It is safe and the community is from different ethnicities.

Watertown Square Apartments
 / Boston  / 2 beds, 2 baths

Good location

9 management rating Reviewed by on

Best thing about this apartment is the location. Safe neighborhood. Tons of businesses in walking distance, like supermarkets, restaurants, bars, etc. Also good access to public transportation, close to the rail station, bus stop right outside.
Great for driving too, right next to freeway entrance. Parking situation is good too, assigned underground garage space in the building included with rent.
Management staff very responsive to any issues, will provide maintenance very promptly.

Only issue is that it's a pricy apartment compared to other options in the same neighborhood.

C on Pico
 / Los Angeles  / 2 beds, 2 baths


8 management rating Reviewed by on

The management of the building is good, with doorman, in building-laundry and a backyard, as well as gym room and party room. The studio is quite large, but the amenities inside the studio, like the closets and blinds, are old. And some of them are not working well. The neighborhood is very good, with Whole Foods, Trade Joe's around. And it is not far from the subway. But it can be a bit far away from the university.

The Westmont
 / New York  / Studio, 1 bath

Parc 77 Review

9 management rating Reviewed by on

Parc 77 Review

Parc 77
 / New York  / Studio, 1 bath

Great apt and great building

10 management rating Reviewed by on

The apartment is great and the building is amazing. I would definitely recommend it. It’s fun to be on the UWS but a bit closer to restaurants, museums, bars, etc. Downside is the price!

170 Amsterdam
 / New York  / 1 bed, 1 bath


9 management rating Reviewed by on

The building is extremely safe, especially for young women. The security, doorman and management are all great. The apartment is spacious and has a great view for the price. We had a couple of bug problems last year that were resolved, but that is normal in NY. Other than that, no complaints.

West 54th
 / New York  / 2 beds, 2 baths

emerson pl

8 management rating Reviewed by on

lived here for 2 years and love it

Emerson Place
 / Boston  / 3 beds, 2 baths

great location

8 management rating Reviewed by on

The location was hard to beat - it was less than 5 minute walk to campus, and close to several T lines, and in the heart of downtown. I loved going for walks on the Common, Park, or Charles River.
The staff was super friendly and maintenance was great.
I ended up leaving because the rent went up too high (I got in during Summer 2020 when prices were much more reasonable.)

660 Washington Apartments
 / Boston  / Studio, 1 bath