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Woodlawn, 906 E 61st St | Chicago

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  •  Bike Storage
  •  Building Laundry Room
  •  Cat friendly
  •  Central A/C
  •  Dishwasher
  •  Dog friendly
  •  Doorman Building
  •  Fitness Center
  •  Granite Countertops
  •  Microwave
  •  Parking Available
  •  Stainless Steel Appliances

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About this Location

Washington Park
5 min walk
In a quiet
4 (bus) - 3 min
59 (bus) - 2 min


1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

student only housing

Open to University of Chicago students only.
  • Laundry

    •  Building Laundry Room
  • Parking & Transportation

    •  Bike Storage
  • Pet Terms & Amenities

    •  Cat friendly
    •  Dog friendly

The Neighborhood

Signature Spots

dining 15 Recs

The Vegan Food Truck by Ste Martaen
Daley’s Restaurant
Robust Coffee Lounge
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grocery 1 Rec

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convenience 1 Rec

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fitness 6 Recs

Midway Plaisance Ice Rink
Midway Plaisance Rink
Happy Body Wellness Center
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parks 2 Recs

Midway Plaisance
Garden of the Phoenix
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coffee 12 Recs

Greenline Coffee
Café Logan
Argo Tea
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About Woodlawn

In the South Side community, Woodlawn is a beautiful lakefront neighborhood surrounded by two parks and offers great transportation access - both public and transit. Residents of Woodlawn are excited about the area's future as it's seen as one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in Chicago and w...
Whole Foods
Near Hyde Park
Public Transit
Suburban-Like Feel
University of Chicago
Median rents in Woodlawn
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

Getting around Woodlawn

Woodlawn Reviews

15 reviews
Super cheap! Ample parking. Easy to negotiate or bargain with landlord. Campus and cafeteria is walking distance. The area is transitioning, so there's a lot of construction on my block. Living in the area does require you to exercise common sense. Grocery store is far away, but whole foods delivers for free, so it doesn't really matter.
They're building a supermarket down the street, so it won't be a food desert anymore. But I had my external spare tire stolen from my car, so it's not the safest.
Hyde Park is a pretty boring neighborhood, but it is close to campus and I'm too lazy to live somewhere else and commute. There are limited grocery store options, though Whole Foods should open soon. PeaPod delivers groceries, Binny's delivers alcohol, and Amazon brings me everything else I need, so the lack of easy shopping isn't too much of an issue. There are a few decent food options, but nothing spectacular. The neighborhood is generally pretty safe, though as a UofC student you'll get an email every time anyone is mugged, which makes it feel more dangerous than it actually is. The neighborhood has a suburban feel more than a city feel, with lots of large houses with lawns and many streets that are super quiet and empty at night.
I feel very safe in this neighborhood. As a white, young, female, I am always cautious when I am out - in any neighborhood. In Woodlawn, I also practice awareness, but I feel comfortable walking alone, running alone, using public transit, etc.
This category is problematic and I refuse to participate.
Close to campus, no nearby grocery stores
Woodlawn is fine as long as you are far north in Woodlawn, close to the start of Hyde Park. I've never had any issues.
Close to the Law School, Jewel Osco, etc.

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